Friday, June 18, 2010

friday frivolity...alabama edition...

Steve decided to drive home tonight and surprise Emma Shea...
She is very excited to see him!!!!

Goobers wouldn't let me take a picture of them!
They are in an intense game of Hangman
Not sure who is winning!!
We had a great trip to Alabama...

It is always great to be able to spend time with friends...

remembering old memories...

and making new ones!!
Memories of friends helping each other ride a two wheeler...

which Emma learned last year, but was too afraid to do it again until Carley helped her!!

Now she is a pro!
Memories of friends going fishing together...

a first for Mac and Emma.

Can you tell how thrilled Emma was with her experience!!!

She lasted an entire 5 minutes!!!!

Mac lasted about 8!!!
Memories of the 'big catch'...

a 'fish stick'!!!!

Memories of Jake giving Michaela casting lessons....
I don't think she was a very good student!!!
Memories of meeting a new friend...
but we didn't invite him home with us!
Secrets whispered...
which with these two is S.C.A.R.Y.!!!!!!
Swim lessons given...
and no one drowned!
And a few games of 'chicken' played...
with LOTS of cheating!
And then our time ended and good byes had to be said :(

I sure wish Kentucky and Alabama could be a few hours closer!!!!