Thursday, June 17, 2010

the journey...

It was a hot June evening; Flag Day, 1991. Steve stood at the front of the church with sweat forming on his forehead~ partly from the oppressive heat and partly from the nervousness he felt about the life changing step he was preparing to take. The seats of the auditorium were filling as the music played softly in the background. With each click of the clock hand, the anticipation of a life together grew. Finally the moment we both had waited for for 4 years had arrived. As the music crescendoed, my father lifted my veil, said "You did good." and then the doors opened. With my arm intertwined with my father's, I walked down the aisle towards my future.

And with vows repeated and " I Dos" said, our journey as husband and wife began.

While there have been many bumps (and some really deep potholes) along the way on our 19 year journey, the scenery has been beautiful, the adventures breathtaking, and the destination exquisite.

Thank you for loving me completely and for doing all that you do unselfishly.

I pray that this journey with you continues forever and a day.

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  1. I see someone else uses the phrase "forever and a day". Jonathan says that there is no such a thing. He says that forever encompasses the day and therefore can not exist. Of course I beg to differ and continue to cause him grief when I use this term. Congrats on 19 years together. Becky and I have spent 21 years together that started on June 17,1989.