Sunday, April 27, 2008

anyone need a new laptop?

If so, boy can we recommend a strong, durable brand!!!!
Friday night, we decided to take the girls (or Emma really--Michaela just went so she had something to do) to see the Veggie Tale movie at the Community Center on base. Stephen was loading somethings in the back of the van and remembered that we had a Netflix movie we needed to mail back. So he sets his laptop bag on the ground (WHY????? I do not know!) and ran inside. I grew impatient (imagine that) and backed up the drive way to see what was taking so long. I felt a bump. Didn't think too much of it. Felt another bump and said, "What was that?" As I looked over into the doorway and saw the horror on Steve's face, I knew!!!!!!! He was very calm! (I think he was in shock and close to tears.) He picked up the bag, got into the van and just sat there. I of course had to laugh because Mr. Murphy, of Murphy's Law, has had residence with us for a quite a while and this is just another incidence in what is the chaos of our lives lately. Its going to keep coming at us, so you have to laugh. ( I have grown a lot in handling crisis and confusion in the last 3 years with the Air Force!)

Well, after rambling on this long..... Steve finally opened it--with some difficulty--turned it on AND IT WORKED!!!! There is a small dent on one side and some reader on the side is crushed. Pretty impressive for having been run over by two tires.
***This is the same computer that as Steve was putting it into the van, right after I bought it for him in July, he bumped the windscreen with the corner of the laptop bag and shattered the window!!!!

So, if you need a new laptop, we highly recommend the Fujitsu:)