Saturday, April 19, 2008

puttin on the ritz!


The girls' dance recital is finally here. The huge sigh of relief you hear tomorrow will be me--thankful that this year's recital is over!!! Michaela has had extra practices on every Sunday for the last few months--which makes it fun when your church is 2 hours away. We had dress rehearsal yesterday until 7:00pm and today is a juggling act of having the girls where they need to be at various times.


Michaela is doing all three shows so Stephen (who surprised me by getting the day off so I did not have to go crazy driving back and forth all day!!) drove her to the theatre (which is only 20 miles way, but for those of you who have never driven in this country, that is a 50 minute drive with the roundabouts and country roads). She will stay with the chaparones until the evening performance at 7:30. Emma is dancing tonight's performance. Steve and I will drive separately to the theatre. Emma will dance the beginning of the show and then I will take her home (or to the hotel on RAF Alconbury--if they have a room?) Steve is staying to watch the performance tonight. The show is sold out and we barely got a ticket for me. Because he was supposed to be working, he did not have a ticket until last week. We were very upset that he was going to miss the performance--the first one he would have missed since Michaela was three. Luckily a relative of another dancer was unable to attend so we were able to get a ticket for him. Tomorrow Steve will go to work and I will drive to church, with the girls in full theatrical make-up!!--leave at 12:00(hope the preacher is done by then:), drive the hour and forty five minutes to the theatre...AND HOPE THAT THERE IS NO TRAFFIC AS THEY HAVE TO BE THERE AT 1:45.. AAAHHHH


But after saying all that, they have done a great job with their dances and are having a fun!!!


Oh yeah. Emma has a birthday party to be at in 20 minutes so I guess I had better gather up her stuff and head out!!!!!