Monday, April 21, 2008

our friendly protester

Lindis Percy, famous around military bases as the 60 year old woman who despises Americans and their presence in her country. George Bush mentioned her in one of his speeches. She has snuck onto bases and turned the flags upside down. She was actually caught on Croughton, a trial was conducted, and she was released because the local MOD had not personally told her to stay off the base!! I would think the fences, barbwire, signs and the fact that she had to SNEAK on would have been a clue! She also likes to come stand as close to the base entrance as she can with an upside down flag with her message about 'the evil Americans'.

We haven't seen her for quite awhile, but she's back. Tonight, as Steve and I headed onto the base to play racquetball, she was there in orange coveralls, her face covered with a burlap sack, and a new flag talking about the shame of America.

What a life!!!!

**As a side note I would just like to mention that I FINALLY beat Steve at racquetball. I am not sure I have ever actually beat him but I took the 2ND game 16-14. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!