Tuesday, April 22, 2008

spring break is over

The girls went back to school yesterday!! YEAH!!!! Two weeks off and we did nothing exciting.

Emma Shea is very excited about her new summer uniform. Steve thinks it looks like a tablecloth, but it is a dress so Emma is very happy. The only things that would make her happier would be if it was pink and it twirled!!!!

Emma is also growing her fringe out. This has been a conversation with her for months. She asked and asked and I told her she looked good with fringe. She would come up to us at least four times a day with her bangs pulled back and say, "Don't I look pretty with my hair like this?" A few weeks ago she asked me to cut her bangs up to the top of her forehead! "If I cannot have my fringe long, will you cut it to here please?" (Pointing to about 1/2 inch of fringe.) I have finally decided that there are so many other battles with Emma Shea to work through, I could let this one go. Plus, how many times can you see the look of hope in her face when she is asking if she is pretty with no fringe???