Sunday, April 06, 2008

spring break begins!!!!

This week begins Michaela and Emma's two week Spring Break--the first week consists of watching 9 extra children. AAAAHHHHH!!!! Not sure what the second week will hold (all of my extra children will be back at school), but hopefully a family activity of some sort!

Of course, Spring Break began with 4 inches of snow!!!!! We unfortunantly(??) missed it. Yesterday after the girls' dance rehearsal, we headed up to Cambridge to drop Michaela off with a family from church--she and Rebecca stayed up until 1:00am watching a Dr. Who marathon--and Emma and I headed to RAF Alconbury to stay the night with Steve. ( It was the 21st anniversary of our first date--and they said it would never last) There was no snow where we were (60 miles north of Brackley) nor any in Mildenhall where we go to church. I was very worried about what I was going to find when we arrived back home since I had left two windows open upstairs (it was mild and sunny when we left on Saturday) but by the the time we arrived home at 4:00pm, this was all that was left!!!!

I think I can handle shoveling this!!!

Gotta love that GLOBAL WARMING!