Monday, August 18, 2008

the price (i.e. pain) of beauty...


No, I am not talking about putting thread through the eye of a needle....

Eyebrow threading originates from India and is probably the only way that eyebrows are shaped there. It involves the beautician or whoever is performing the threading to make a loop with a thread and twirl it a couple of times. The loop with the twirls at the center and the sides held by the beautician when applied with light pressure on the area of unwanted hair growth removes hair efficiently. The best thing about threading is that hair can be removed from the exact spot where unwanted and any possible desired shape can be achieved. Why am I posting about eyebrow threading you ask?
As a warning!!!!

When your friend (no names mentioned, HOLLY) looks at you and says, "Come with me and get your eyebrows threaded. It hurts so much less than waxing." You think, "Sure, my eyebrows need done. Why not." You go to the shop. You climb in the chair. You repeat three or four times that you DO NOT want your eyebrows darkened; hoping that the limited English spoken by the woman about to rip your hair out includes, "No, I like the color just as it is." You feel the coolness of the cleaner she wipes across your eyebrows. And then...the pain shoots through your face and you want to hurt your friend (again, no names mentioned, HOLLY). I am not sure what awful experience she has had with waxing, but no waxing job I have ever had has compared to the pain caused by the thread ripping out all the hair in its path!!

I will have to agree that the end result was worth it. But oh my, getting there was an experience that needs a warning label!!!

I love you Holly:):)