Friday, August 01, 2008

...if i had a hammer, i'd hammer in the morning...



ttthump, tttthump

car door opens

car door closes



car door opens then closes

loud diesel truck drives away

...the result

Early this morning--okay it was 9:00am, but since I stayed up and watched a movie and read until 3:00am, it was really only 2:00 or 3:00am in Tammy-time:)--I was half asleep, lying in the bed, feeling the cool breeze blow in through the window; enjoying a lazy morning. The moment of peace and contentment was soon interrupted--surprisingly, not by the girls--but with the sounds of an enterprising employee of Macintyer Leasing office wielding his trusty hammer to stake claim of our front yard with the Macintyer To Let flag. Soon, others will see the flag and desire to have this homefront for themselves. Strangers will wander through our abode and picture their families making lasting memories among these four walls.......I just hope not any time soon because it is chaos:):):)

I guess this white and green flag makes it official...we are leaving England:(

Funny unrelated anecdote...

When we first moved here in 2005, Stephen took the girls and I into Banbury--one of the larger towns around us--for dinner at Pizza Hut (because of course, when you arrive in England and want to experience the British culture, what place is better to mingle with the locals than good ol' American Pizza Hut:). While we were walking through town, Michaela looked up on the side of a building and saw a large sign that said TO LET. (If she was down here and knew I was sharing this story with you, she would be squealing, "Mommy, stop telling this story. I was only 8!!!" But she isn't down here and I love this story. And yes, she was only 8!) She looks at us, and says, "They left the i out of toilet." Needless to say, "I have to go to the TO LET." has become a family joke that she fears will haunt her always.