Monday, August 25, 2008

in a nutshell...

the last week in a nut shell
..and i stress the 'nut' part!!!
The last week has been been filled with packing, good-bye parties, and a few day trips to break up the monotony!

On Saturday, our friends David and Stephanie, had a farewell party for us. 50 or so of our friends came out for yummy Mexican food and friendship. It was sad to know we will not see all of them on a weekly, if not daily basis, but you never know... we may be posted in the same place one day--if we ever hear from the SD:):)!!!!

Last Monday we headed to Cheddar Gorge for a day of cave exploring, hiking around the gorge, and eating YUMMY cheddar cheese in the town that boast the "creation" of cheddar. It was cloudy, but warm. The kids ( Mason, Emma, and Michaela) had a great time hiking in the RED, RED mud around the gorge. (Emma and Mason's pants went into the trash!) It was a relaxing day--other than the 90 minutes I was separated from Steve and the kids..MISPLACED on the gorge wondering where and the world I was..and them worried that I had fallen over! I am safe. It ended well:)

Saturday, Steve, Michaela, Emma, and I headed to York for the day. We had a great time walking the city wall, exploring The Shambles, seeing the Roman influence throughout the city, visiting the York Minster--where Constantine was named the Emperor of Rome in the 300's AD. WOW!!!!

Yesterday, we attended church services and said our good-byes. Tears were shed, hugs given, and prayers offered. Our Christian family will definitely be missed!

After services we dropped Michaela off with her friend Thu--they are getting in as much tome together as they can--to go swimming (indoor pool!) and then called our friend Holly to see if Emma could come play with Sarah. I cleaned carpets. Steve cleaned windows. All the last minute bits and bobs were completed. The girls spent the night at their friends. Steve and I headed over to Stephanie and David's (we are crashing there until we leave on Thursday) around 10:30. Stephanie and I stayed up and talked until 3:00am and then went to bed---at the same time Steve was leaving for work!

Today, I picked up the girls and headed over to the house to FINISH. I cleaned the living room carpet and made sure it was acceptable for the walk-through tomorrow. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to say that the house is done!!!!! Now I have to mail the 20+ boxes that are in the storage shed--that I am saving for Wednesday.

Tomorrow I am babysitting Michael and Mason. We will drop the keys off at the house with the leasing agent, get the final reading on the utilities (the companies do not send employees over to do that. I have to do it. CRAZY) and then head to storytime in the morning. We will drop off the carpet cleaner, take Michaela's bike over to Lillie's, and do the laundry. The afternoon will be a lazy one with no packing or moving thoughts!!!

Wednesday morning Michaela and I have hair appointments and then she is going to see Thu one last time and I will see my dear friend Holly for the last time (the tears will be flowing). That evening, thanks to my FRIEND??? Stephanie, Michaela and I and Stephanie and her son are going to see High School Musical on stage. And then, possibly sleep and an early start to the morning to head to the airport:(

Thursday, we will be back on American soil--ONLY 6 HOURS AWAY FROM ALABAMA, RENEA!!!!