Saturday, August 16, 2008

a little bit of this; a little bit of that...

she passed!!!!!
A few weeks ago, Michaela took the American Red Cross babysitting class at RAF Lakenheath. It was an 8 hour course that went over basics of childcare, rescue breathing, abdominal thrusts, and the practical aspects of babysitting. She had a great time and is ready to go!!!! Anyone need a babysitter?

i don't like this!!
Not too bad

Liking it less!!!

I don't like this! I don't like this!

As we pack things away and get rid of items, we explain to Emma that various toys or clothing items are going to be given away to individuals that need them more than she does. She has been VERY good about letting go of the drama or breakdowns! When we told her we were taking her bike to Ms. Joan's she just said "Okay, but I want to try riding it without the training wheels first." So Steve took of the stabilisers, Emma got on, and as soon as she got going and Steve began to let go, she repeated, "I don't like this!!! I don't like this!!!" That was the end of that:) The bike and the stabilisers went into the van for Ms. Joan.

~~~michaela's 12th birthday~~~

Michaela has turned 12!! Oh my! Only 360-ish days to go before she is a teenager. HELP!!!!!

Her big day began by her sweet, loving Mum coming into her room,...I did let her sleep until almost 10:30... tickling her, and giving her her 12 spankings! She loved that almost as much as Emma, Alex, and Mason ( I babysat this week) running into her room and jumping on her while they sang Happy Birthday to her:)

She then was treated to lunch at Frankie and Benny's with her friend, Thu and our friends Holly, Sarah, and Ryan. We all enjoyed a good Italian meal and embarrassing Michaela with 'the birthday song' over the loud speaker!

Later that evening, we headed to Holly's for brownie sundaes (Michaela does not like cake). We sang, we gave gifts, and then Steve went home and Thu, Michaela, Emma and myself had a sleepover at Holly's (her husband is in Africa for business). We (everyone except Emma and Sarah) stayed up until 4:00am talking and laid around until lunchtime on Friday!

It was a simple birthday, but she enjoyed her special day!!!

Next year....the big blowout 13th birthday party is already in the works!!!!