Wednesday, August 20, 2008

getting caught up...

With the move coming to an end---please, please be coming to an end---I have not posted for a few days! So what do you do when your husband decides not to come home for the night{doesn't that sound ominous}, your children stay over at Holly and Chuck's, and you know you will just toss and turn thinking about all that needs to be done? You load up the 9 loads of laundry that have seemed to have appeared overnight, grab a book and the laptop, and you head to the base to do laundry---at midnight!!

****and then you search the web for what seems like a few minutes, but which was actually over an hour, and you begin updating your post, just in time for the end of the dryer cycles and you have to put the laptop away and begin folding the 9 loads of clothes!!!!

More to come...really!!!!