Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Have you ever had a person in your life that gives unconditionally? A friend that offers to help in a time consuming situation, even though they are in the midst of upheaval in their own lives. Someone that you may not talk to on a regular basis, but you can pick right back up with as if no time as passed.

Thankfully I do!

We met many years ago in the temporary living quarters on the base our husbands were working on. Her daughter and Michaela and her youngest son and Emma were the same ages. We both had taught school. And we were both non-military outsiders in a world where the military was (thought to be) everything. We became each others sounding boards; sanity in a world that often was anything but.

And then we got busy...with life. I starting working. She started studies towards her Masters. The time together became scarcer as our commitments increased. We would see each other on base and wave, but the time to just 'hang out' was limited. Yet, no matter how long we went without seeing each other, we could just begin conversing with no hesitation. And while I am not sure I showed it as much as I should have, I treasured the friendship. I valued the bond we had.

And then we moved back to the States.

But even with an ocean between us, she is still giving her friendship to me selflessly. In the midst of her own move back to the States, she offered to take care of the antiques we left in a storage unit in England. She endured the rudeness of a stranger as she retrieved the key and encountered furniture covered in mold as she opened the storage door. She took items to the chapel, washed mold off of dressers and chairs, and unloaded the storage unit as her own house was being packed up to be sent across the ocean---all without a second thought. (because when you are truly a good hearted person, doing for others is part of your nature.)

And I truly do not know how I will ever repay her unconditional generosity.

Terri, I am so thankful for the day I walked out of the TLF and met you. Your friendship was one of the bright spots of our 3 years in the UK. I am proud to be able to call you my friend.