Monday, April 19, 2010

things i learned on a monday...

Spring break is over. Alarm clocks and homework are part of our days again. And none of us faced reality this morning very graciously! But we went about our day with smiles and learned a few things in the process.

As I was out and about I learned that...

**my phone is usually silent for weeks on end... but the Monday after Spring Break week, when we are running around trying to get out of the door on time, it begins ringing non-stop at 8:00am {with wrong numbers and telemarketers}.

**it would seem, by the clothes OUAC did not purchase from me, that my child is the only little girl in the Northern Ky/Cincinnati area that wears cute smocked dresses. {grungy jeans are snatched up though!}

**when having a dispute with an utility company they have the ability to turn off the service, so they ALWAYS win :(

**it sometimes pays to listen to the commercials on the radio. It doesn't pay a lot, but at least Half Priced Books has the stack of books I needed to get rid of, and I have some cash I didn't have this morning.

**Michaela can act confused at the simplest request, but can carry on THREE Facebook instant message conversations and ONE text message conversation all at the same time---for over an hour!

**Banfield really has a stupid system for ending your pet insurance. I could not cancel the account (after being on hold for 25 minutes) because Steve signed the contract, but he could send an email and request cancellation. I guess when I talk to him, I will let him know he sent that email.

**errands are so much easier to deal with when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it is 68*!!!!