Thursday, December 27, 2007

boxing day in london

We had planned to take the girls over to spend 2 days with Michael and Mason while Steve and I went to Wales for a 'getaway', but on Tuesday evening I decided we should take them to London for ice skating and a trip to Hamley's instead.

We drove up to Reislip tube station, parked the car, and headed into London. The skies were clear and the temperature wasn't too cold. A perfect day!

Steve and the girls enjoyed ice skating at the Tower of London (I have messed up my ankle, so we didn't think getting on skates was a great idea for me!) After skating for an hour, we drank some Cadbury's hot cocoa, and then headed off to the theatre district. If you have never been to the theatre district in London, it is ALWAYS bustling--great place for people watching! We ate at Planet Hollywood and then headed to Hamley's toy store. The girls got their Pawsports stamped at Build-a-Bear and then had a look around at all the toys. After the store closed, we headed to Trafalgar Square to see the city's Christmas tree (sent over from Oslo, Norway each year as a thank you).

With energy spent, we walked to the tube station and headed back the 15 stops to our car and then the hour drive home!!

Everyone had a great time.

*** The only bad thing about the day was my camera card worked for a second and then would not work again. So as I carried around my almost professional-but useless--Nikon, I had to take pictures with my phone! They are not the greatest quality, but they are pictures of probably our last Christmas in England.
Today, the girls are with Michael and Mason and Steve drove to pick up an antique bed we bought. I have had the house to myself all day!!! It has been very quiet!!