Tuesday, December 25, 2007

santa is back at the north pole

The packages are opened. The paper and boxes are in the recycle bins. The girls have played with all of their presents and the living room is almost back to normal! I woke up around 8:30 and heard the girls in Michaela's room talking. I tried to sneak up and hear what they were saying, but they saw me. Emma jumped up and said "Merry Christmas!" "Mommy, its Christmas!!" I asked if they had been down to see if Santa had come--they said NO!!!! So Emma ran in to wake up Steve and then we all headed down to see what Santa had left. Emma saw that he had eaten the cookies and drank the Coke and then she noticed all of the presents!!! The day was filled with much excitement--Emma is at a great stage and was very excited with everything!!!

Emma Shea was very excited with the pretend make-up in her stocking, but her favorite gift was the camera Santa left her. She has been snapping pictures of random things all day!!! ( We will add some of her masterpieces later).

***Unfortunately, as I just went through my pictures, I have no good ones of Emma. For some reason they are all blurry. I have decided it is the demon that possesses her--it causes red eye and blurriness in ONLY Emma's pictures!!!:):):):) Any of you that know me, know that this is very upsetting to me--I love my pictures. I told Steve we were gong to have to stage Christmas morning!!!

Michaela loaded up on clothes this year--Oh, and Santa thought a High School Musical Sing a Long for the PS2 was a good gift. What was he thinking!!!!!!
Can you tell what her favorite gift was???

(UGG boots--surely that is short for UGLY!!!!!!)

It was a great day that ended in Cambridge at the Moulton's house for our mid-week Bible study----and some Guitar Hero afterwards.

Tomorrow ice skating in London.