Tuesday, December 18, 2007

who is that outside?


As we were sitting eating our dinner--yummy Indian food--we heard what we thought was our neighbours playing there Christmas music very loudly outside. We found this very strange as it was COLD. Suddenly, we heard a HO HO HO!! I jokingly said Santa was in the back garden. And what do you know, when we looked out the patio doors who did we see in our neighbours driveway??
None other than Father Christmas on a truck--all lit up with music playing and snow blowing!!!

We tried to walk around to see him, but even though he was literally 5 feet away on the other side of our back fence, we walked 7 or 8 blocks and still could not get to the part of the estate he was in.
Of course, he came right to our front door on Saturday--and the girls and I were on our way to Mildenhall to have a girls' night out at a hotel near where we attend church.