Tuesday, December 18, 2007

christmas around the world

"Santa, this year I would like a robe, some jeans, and a trip to Kentucky."

"Santa, I would like a purple pony, make-up, and a camera for Christmas."
On Saturday, the base had a Christmas party for the children. It was Christmas Around the World. The children were given a Passport and then went around to experience Christmas customs, eat native foods from the various countries, and do activities from each of the countries. The girls had a great time--Emma's favorite was the Italian hot chocolate (which is basically melted chocolate!!). Michaela enjoyed the hot chocolate also, but she was partial to the black olives from the Middle East!!

The exciting thing was that Emma Shea actually sat on Santa's lap!!!!!! She walked right up on the stage and sat on his lap--TWICE. She enjoys looking at the Blogs from the families back in Kentucky and she had seen Carson sitting on Santa's lap. She decided if he could do it, so could she. So THANK YOU Carson!!!!

Even Steve and his partner, Cory talked with Santa while 'patroling' the party. I am not sure what he asked for, probably a Mini he can take back to the States!