Tuesday, December 11, 2007

whoopsie daisy angel

The Reception and Nursery classes (5 year old and younger) at Southfield put on their Christmas Program today. The story was about a clumsy angel who was never given an important job because she was so clumsy. (Of course, she tells everyone about the birth of a baby and realizes she had the most important job of all). The girls in Emma's class were snowflakes. They sang cute songs and floated around--until the wind took them away.

*Of course, the play gave us opportunity to talk about how we do not know when Jesus was born and that Christmas is about Santa Claus and not about religion.

Emma Shea's class has a musical group coming in next Wednesday night to sing some songs with the children and their families. There will also be traditional English refreshments (ex:mulled cider for the adults--because where else other than Europe would you have alcohol served at a school function!--even sold at the school performances as a fund raiser)

Her school is also walking in the Brackley Christmas parade next week. Alot of celebrations to kick off the holiday season!!!