Tuesday, December 18, 2007

oh amy, why did i say i would help you???

Monday night, Michaela and I went to help Ms. Amy put together Gingerbread houses for the RITC gathering Wednesday evening. I have never experienced putting these together--let me just say it was a big, messy event. Every one's icing baggies were opening at the top and icing was oozing out all over the place. Walls fell over. Roofs caved in. Laughter filled the air. But in the end, we put together 24 houses!! {Unfortunately, my hands were covered with icing so I could not get pictures of the oozing messes!}

{The Diet Pepsi cans were for support--not for consumption}

Watch for more pictures on Wednesday evening. Emma, Michaela, and I will be decorating one of the houses--hopefully they are all still standing!!!