Friday, November 20, 2009

friday frivolity...



"So worth staying up until 2:30am!"

"Oh, I cannot wait until the next one!"

These were some of the many squeals of delight I heard after the showing of New Moon last night this morning~~~and sadly mostly from grown women!

As the credits rolled I stood up, thankful that the ending had finally come and thought "Really??? that is what the hype is all about? Really bad acting, low budget looking werewolves, and CHEESY frolicking in the meadow scenes?" I lost hours of sleep for THIS??

But the girls loved it...

and that was the point of the evening!
I did learn a few things while sitting in the movie theater for an hour and a half before the movie started:
  • some people would probably NOT chew gum in public if they actually saw how they looked.
  • no matter what advertisers say, having a large bump in your hair is NOT a look that should be embraced
  • some adults (and I use that term lightly) are ridiculously immature~~~you were asked to move over one seat. Was it really that big of an inconvenience? Was the yelling necessary?
  • some guys have no clue as to what girls find the Jacob wanna be,the long stringy hair is really not what the girls on TEAM JACOB are liking. I am going to take a guess as to the attraction and go with the well chiseled abdomen he kindly showed throughout the movie...Mr. Jacob Wanna Be, THIS you clearly did not have.
  • there were 3 guys in Louisville that were really trying to impress their girlfriends...they actually sat in a theater full of girls and women and watched a vampire movie at 12:00AM.
  • that 23 year olds sound really ridiculous complaining about how 'they are too old' to be out this late...especially as they sit next to a 40 year old woman.
  • I am too old to be out at a movie until 3:00am:)
Michaela and I made it home at 4:20AM...

We met Steve at the door as he was leaving to drive back to Louisville for work!!
Steve is working alot of overtime...

time and half and double time are GREAT...

except we won't see him until Sunday afternoon:(
I am whipped...

and Mac has Ballet Corp. in the morning...

so I am off to sleep!

Have a great weekend..