Tuesday, November 24, 2009

she is going to give us a run for the $...

Last Thursday, Emma was invited to spend the afternoon playing at her friend Madeline's house. She is a sweet girl that lives a few houses down from us and she and Emma play very well together. Emma would go there everyday if she was allowed, but we always wait for an invitation.

Don't want to wear out her welcome!

On Friday, Emma comes running into the house after getting off of the bus. She throws her book bag and coat down (if only that was an unusual occurrence) and starts talking a mile a minute....

Mommy, Can I go play at Madeline's again?

Were you invited?

No, but I heard Ashton talking about going over there at school today.

You just played there. You need to wait until Ms. Jessica invites you.

Yeah, but they have a rule that Madeline can only have one friend over at a time. Hurry Mommy! Please can I go?

and then I finally understood the urgency in her voice...

So you want to hurry and run down there before Ashton gets there so you can be the one to play with her?


Hmmmm. No!

Yes sir, a run for our money!!!!