Wednesday, November 18, 2009

not quite wordless wednesday...

When Steve was offered the job in Louisville we knew that we would be putting the house on the market...

after talking things over we decided that we would wait until Spring~~giving us time make a TO DO list and to finish some home improvement projects to help the resell value.

At first Spring seemed a long way off~~leaving plenty of time to complete the list, but then one day REALITY reared its ugly head! As I walked across Home Depot's parking lot it suddenly hit me that we plan to have a for sale sign in the yard in only 4 months!!!

And pressure mode ensues!!!

One of the major projects to get underway is the girls' bathroom. When we built the house, I took 3 year old Michaela and many of her friends to paint tiles at a pottery store. The tiles were then used to tile her bathroom. {Emma does not have any tiles represented because in 1999 she was still in the planning stages:)}
Many of the tiles were painted by people that we no longer have contact with so they hold no value to me. But there are many, such as Steve's tile he painted after he returned from Kuwait{with the phrase he would tell Mac whenever he called}, the 'Best Friends' tile painted by Ms. Renea, and Michaela's ABCs and potato people that I wish to have in one piece when they are removed. I recently went into a tile store to inquire about the removal options we have. Ha! the list is short. We {and by 'we' I mean Steve} can 1). cut around the tiles, removing the entire tiled portion of the wall, or 2). use a thin tile 'spatula' thingy {yes, that is what the professionals call it} and GENTLY slide it behind each tile~~~hoping that the top layer of the green board comes off thus increasing the chances that the tile will remain intact.

I voted for number 1. Steve, not so much!

So now the fun begins!

Wish us luck!

I will post the final results~~~as soon as the final results occur:)

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