Monday, November 02, 2009

one day down...

a few (100) more to go!!!

We survived the first day of Steve working in Louisville...

I am actually exhausted....

left the house at 8:30~~dropped Emma off at school~~~drove into Cincinnati for classes~~~finished classes at 5:30pm~~~drove home during rush hour (I am not sure who the lucky ones are that get to rush because my 30 minute trip took an hour???)~~~pulled into the driveway~~~girls ran out and jumped in~~~~drove to La Grange for the 1st night of the gospel meeting~~~saw my husband~~~loaded girls in the van~~~drove home (with a stop for petrol and dinner)~~~arrived home and girls in bed at 11:00 (tomorrow morning should be FUN!!!) talked to my friend on the phone~~~took a shower~~~FINALLY IN BED (at 12:06am!)

I am tired!!

Life is getting back to some sense of 'normal so I can be back to my witty ;) self!!!

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