Tuesday, November 17, 2009

please help, i need a medical diagnosis....

Because we have a new insurance policy, I have been going over the out-of-pocket expenses and what is and is not covered. So far I have been pleased with what I have read. We have no yearly deductible to meet, it pays between 80% and 100% for office visits and procedures, and vision and basic dental is included~~for half of what we paid before. As long as the actual service is as good as what looks like on paper, we should be okay.

And truthfully, it could not have come at a better time because our household has been hit by something ugly. It hit Michaela first and with greater intensity, but Emma Shea is also showing signs of this virus. I have scoured the internet for a diagnosis, but have not come up with anything concrete as of yet. I have even used 'home remedies' to alleviate some of the symptoms; they work temporarily but eventually the symptoms return. I am at my wits end with this infestation.

So I am hoping that maybe someone out there knows the name for this bug that has infected the Martin girls and can help me with a remedy before it gets completely out of control.


It affects mainly the ears, eyes, and mouth with the following symptoms being manifested:

  • rolling of the eyes upward
  • directives are heard as suggestions
  • many conversations are not heard at all
  • frequently hear conversations that never occurred
  • often translates the words into an unknown language causing confusion or misunderstanding
  • seemily lose the ability to hear at all, requiring rules to be repeated'
  • causes the words spoken to be in a nasty tone
  • often speaks in a disrespectful manner
  • contradicts everything that is spoken by the mother
  • tries to justify behaviors be pushing off accountability
If anyone out there knows what the cause of these symptoms are, please let me know. I am afraid that an extended exposure will have dire consequences for the girls.