Thursday, December 03, 2009


Emma had a project assigned to her this week at school.

She was to research a country and dress a paper form in clothes authentic to the country chosen.

She of course chose England!

We would like to introduce Mr. Pete-named for our friend in England who was a guard for the Queen.
While Emma and I were working on her project, she asked if Mr. Pete (the real one) had gotten to see the Queen when he was a guard.

I told her he probably had.

She was very impressed. There were lots of "Wows." and "He was lucky!"

She then asked of there were 'girl guards' for the Queen. I told her I did not know but that we could look it up.

She thought for a moment...

and then...

"I know, if there are not girl guards for the Queen than I can be a servant for the Queen and I would be able to see her then!"

Servitude to the Queen, what aspirations!!!!