Tuesday, December 08, 2009

cue taps...

23 years ago, the military life of Stephen M was born.

It was a life filled with many adventures; many trials; many unforgettable experiences.

In the course of this life, many acquaintances were made, many friendships were formed.

It was a life that lasted longer than anyone expected; a survival not without it's struggles.

But, after 23 years, we are here to celebrate the passing of that life.

And we bid you a final farewell.

Farewell weekend drills. Farewell camouflage and combat boots. Farewell useless forms in triplecate.

Farewell monthly paycheck, YOU will be missed most of all.


the paperwork for retirement was not processed in time? the life has to be extended for 4 more months?

If only you could see the look of pure (un)surprise on my face.