Monday, December 21, 2009

nothing wrong with her hearing...

At the beginning of Michaela's eye exam, Dr. Hamilton sat down and began taking medical history, Michaela's eye history, history of family illnesses. The usual.

After he got all of the information he needed from me, he looked up and said "Because Michaela is over 12 I have to ask her some questions. It is required by law."

He then proceeds to ask the questions...

which is a post for tomorrow

During this time Emma is in her own world. She is looking around the room, reading the information as it comes up on the tv screen, whispering questions to me about things in the room; generally not paying any attention to the doctor or what he is saying.

Or so I thought!!!

As the questions end and the eye exam begins, Emma looks over at me and says...

"What's an STD?"

Okay, so I guess she was paying alittle bit more attention than I thought!