Thursday, March 04, 2010

my 600th post...

Wow! This is my 600th post.How should I mark the occasion? A profound writing about the state of our country? A thought provoking expose about the struggles of marriage and parenting? Maybe a list of 600 things I wish to accomplish before I die.


Instead, I will show you a picture of the wonderful stretching contraption that Emma Shea had glued into her mouth today!

with bits of the oranges she had just eaten-that I did not see until I uploaded the pic. Sorry:)

Cuz' I'm nice like that.
For the next few months, Emma will have this to help widen the roof of her mouth and correct her misalignment(which you can actually see in the picture in yesterday's post) Every three or four weeks we will go in and Dr. Bert will make an 'adjustment' in order to spread the palate! I think it sounds gruesome, but Emma is so excited to have her "wires"! She wants some for 'in front of her teeth' now!

The pain is nothing, she is just bummed that she cannot chew gum:)