Monday, March 29, 2010


I am always amazed when Michaela talks about a singer or group that she likes that I think is awful...

i.e Jonas Bros.; Justin Beiber

I often wonder what she hearing that I am not? What am I missing?

But I have concluded that as we age, our ears, rather than losing the ability to hear, our ears actually become more fine tuned:)

case in point:

When I was Michaela's age the series Fame came out and I LOVED it! I thought the cast was fantastic. Recently I found the series on Netflix. And can I just say that a few decades later, the singing isn't quite as fantastic as it was when I was 13. And the acting...a little less stellar than I remember. While I have watched some of the episodes (with the girls laughing about the clothes and hair styles in the background!) and hear Leroy or Coco sing, I am amazed at how dfferent they sound now. I wish that rather than hearing the flats and out of tune singing better than I did when I wore banana clips and stirrup pants, I still heard whatever it was I heard then!

I just cannot wait for the day when Mac looks back at pictures or reads a journal entry and says,"The Jonas Brothers???? What was I thinking!!"