Tuesday, May 04, 2010

emma-isms...tuesday edition

Emma Shea was on a roll today! There is never a dull moment when she is around...moments I would like to lock her myself inside a padded room and bang my head...but never a dull moment!


After getting her 'wires' (palate stretcher) removed today, the hygienist and Dr. Bert went on and on about how good Emma is and what a sweet little girl she is. And because she was so good while they removed it and took the impression for the permanent appliance, the hygienist snuck (sneaked??) her 3 Starburst---after Dr. Bert left the conference room of course:). Not being able to chew gum or sticky candy for the last couple of months has been the most difficult part of the orthodontia for her (because is, and has always been, a junk food junkie). So when she saw those colorful wrappers sitting in her hands, her face became a portrait of pure joy. She could not get out to the van quick enough to open them up and plop the chewy sweetness into her mouth.

Door closed. Seatbelt buckled. Wrappers flying. And then nothing but "MMMMMmmmmm"

And then, with a mischievous grin and a look of 'no good', she says, "Hee hee hee! I cannot wait to tell Michaela I got to eat chewy candy. She is going to be so jealous because she can't eat it still. But I can. heeheehee

Sweet and good??? More like evil and devious :)


Today I had to tutor two new students, so I was going to be home late. I talked to Emma before I dropped her off at school and explained that Michaela would be babysitting her until I got home. I told her that if she acted ugly (which is the typical behavior seen when Mac babysits her) she would spend tomorrow in her room. Before leaving today, I wrote her a note reminding her to make good choices.

So needless to say I was not pleased when I came home and heard that she was in her room due to a fit she threw outside.

ME: "Emma Shea Martin come down here now!" (All 3 names--she knew she was in trouble)

with tears streaming down her face, she comes around the corner and down the stairs.

EMMA: "I'm sorry. I forgot what you wrote on the note."

ME: " ??"

EMMA: "I forgot the rules you wrote in the note you left."

She forgot the rules I wrote in the note!!!???!!! Because no screaming, no ugliness, playing nicely...are new concepts to her???? Concepts she has never been taught???? HOW did I miss teaching those lessons the last 6 years!?

9:15pm (i.e. every night)

"Emma, go jump in the shower."

"AGAIN!!!! I just took one last night."

"GO!! Now!"

" Why do I have to take a shower EVERY night? Do I have to wash my body again too"

"Yes, that would be the point of taking a shower...washing off the dirt."

"Ewww. I. don't. like. taking. showers."

20 minutes pass..I still hear the shower running.

"Emma you need to get out of the shower."

"Okay, I need to wash my body."

"What have you been doing for the last 20 minutes?"


Washes her body. Gets out of the shower. Wraps up in a towel and comes downstairs.

"Emma you needed to wash your hair also."

"I did."

"You washed your hair with your hair still pulled back and the ribbon bow still in?!"

"Yes! I just washed the bow too!"

I am pretty sure she takes after her Daddy!