Tuesday, May 11, 2010

field trip...

Today in Social Studies Michaela's class visited a Holocaust museum located in a local Cincinnati Hebrew school.

Moving. Depressing. the words used to describe the experience. Not as overwhelming as walking through Auschwitz was, but the experience will definitely stay with her.
Frivolous tidbit she learned on her field trip...

Mac: Some of the students were switching classes while we were there. They looked at us rather strangely.

Me: I am sure that is just you feeling self conscious. If the museum is located in the school, I am sure they have seen people come to walk through it before. I realize you crossed the river, but Kentuckians look just like Cincinnatians.

Mac" OH! and you know how we go to Chicago for our 8th grade trip... They go to ISRAEL!!! I.S.R.E.A.L. mumbling under her breath.. Chicago!. They go to Israel!! Israel!!! Whoopee Chicago.