Wednesday, May 26, 2010

for sale sold!!!...

My friend recently asked if Steve and I were rebuilding our house before we put it on the market. We weren' just felt like it at times! The minor fixes, putting in new molding, painting, and organizing (and the not so minor tiling), seemed to take forever. As one project was started, another project would come up that had to be done before the first could be completed. A one step forward and two steps back sort of thing. Progress was also slowed because between his two jobs, Steve was only home a few hours a week. And as hard as I tried to work him every minute he was here, he insisted on sleeping a few hours a night.
But the hard work has paid off. The realtor says the house will show really well.
And with our first showing tomorrow afternoon, the real fun begins! The idea of strangers traipsing through my house and critiquing my home is unnerving to me. I feel like I am under inspection.
So I will pray for a timely sale.

And, of course, spend all morning making sure everything is in it's place---or at least hidden from sight :)