Friday, May 07, 2010

friday frivolity...


90 degrees today....

60 degrees tomorrow!!!

colds and sickness the day after.
I picked up 3 new students for tutoring this week...

It has been fun planning the lessons...

and all of them are really good kids.

Thankfully, because if I wanted to teach unruly kids I could go back into the classroom!
Why is it...

that we have lived in this neighborhood for 10 years...

minus the 3 we were out of the country.

and there have never been other girls for Michaela to play with.

Now that we are planning to move...

there have been two girls over here every day this week!


that flash of lightening was rather close!!!!

I think I will shut the computer down.

Because being zapped by lightening isn't on my To Do list!