Thursday, December 18, 2008

breaking news...

E's greatest wish for Kindergarten has begun to come true!!!

She is about to lose her first tooth.

And I sure wish I knew when Kodak Nikon moments were going to occur so I could have a camera handy--because her excitement and reaction were priceless

She came up from the 'dungeon', i.e basement, and told me her tooth hurt.

I looked at where she was pointing-assuming I would find a cavity {because I thought the top teeth were the ones we normally lost first} and low and behold, her bottom left tooth wiggled. I said, "Oh my goodness, you have a loose tooth!!" She got the biggest grin on her face and teared up from the excitement. {She said her eyes were just watery!!}

Then the questions began:
** "Will the tooth fairy really come and give me presents?"
** "What if I am bad? Will she not come then?" {Where this came from I do not know. We have never used Santa not bringing gifts, etc as a leverage for good behavior!! Who knows with this child!!!}
** "What if it falls out when I brush my teeth?"
** "Where will the tooth fairy put my presents?"
** "Is the tooth fairy real?"
** and on and on........

Now she just has to figure out how to get her pajamas on, brush her teeth, and get in bed with only one usable hand--because the other hand has not stopped wiggling the tooth since she found out it was loose!!!

And, I was just informed, the other bottom tooth is alittle loose also.

It could be a fun Christmas break--a visit from Santa AND the tooth fairy!!!

"See, it's this one!"
**I just hope the drama of pulling out her tooth is not to the same exaggerated level it was in previous years, with a child that will remain nameless!!!!