Monday, December 01, 2008

"not me" monday...

It's that time again. Our weekly therapy session. The day we all confess all the crazy things we did...oops, I mean DID NOT do this past week.
If you need some good laughs today, click on the icon above for more "Not Me" confessions.
Okay. Here it goes....
I DID NOT hide my daughter's Christmas present, from Santa, in my closet. This said Santa gift I DID not hide in my closet was definitely NOT found by the daughter. I certainly would have hid it better than that. I would not have left it in the bag on the floor by my husband's shoes--in plain sight. That would be crazy. I am a procrastinator. I would not have already bought a Christmas gift. So I guess it's NOT ME that has to find a new gift from Santa.
Whew!!! I was scared there for a minute.
I am pretty sure it was NOT ME that allowed my daughter to go to Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's house in her dress up clothes. I certainly would not have allowed her to wear an old sequined leotard and skirt out in public. I would have told her to go upstairs and change into some 'real' clothes. I know it is important to stress boundaries. Guess she must have really had on jeans and a sweater.
It was NOT ME that went to bed at 8:00am Saturday morning. I DID NOT stay up all night watching Netflix movies and painting Emma's canvases. I know the importance of a regular sleep routine. I would have gone to bed at a normal hour. I would have gotten my rest so I could be a productive Mommy and wife!!
Nope! It was NOT ME that yelled at my oldest daughter for not having her Bible lesson done last Sunday morning--when I myself did not have mine done. I DID NOT get upset with her for trying to do it as we were leaving to drive to church. It was NOT ME that grounded her(from watching Netflix) for a week. That would be hypocritical. Wrong.
And since it was NOT ME that grounded my daughter, it could not have been me that gave her a reprieve on Wednesday evening because she was spending the night at a friend's house. I know the importance of consistency in discipline. I would definitely make her serve out her entire punishment! Must gave been someone else that gave in.
I know it was NOT ME that had my oldest daughter sneak out to the car of the family she was spending the night with as to avoid a scene with the youngest. I would not try to avoid a crying scene. I would kiss my oldest good-bye, explain to the younger one that her sister was spending the night with R, and then deal with the tears and the"I want to go too!"s. I am strong, I can deal with constant drama, and I never try to avoid conflict.
And it's NOT ME that just made it to #3 on MCKMAMA's link. I am in bed because it is 1:30am!!!


  1. LOL, great list! I haven't had anybody find any presents yet but thanks for reminding me to make sure to hide them well!!! Btw...LOVE the pics on the side of your blog!

  2. yea for #3! i was soooo excited that i was #4! :-)

  3. oh.. make that #7...i guess i needed to refresh it!

  4. Thanks for the funny list! Happy Monday!

  5. Grounding your daughter and sneaking out by the same one :) I did not totally get a crack out of the Not mes. Found you through MckMama!!!

  6. Great list. I am so bad about the presents. I keep using the excuse a two year old doesn't get it yet :-)

  7. Great post! Enjoyed your blog. Have a great day!

  8. Whoo- Hoo! My toys are hidden in a closet which I tell the kids has mice in it. Keeps them out for now.
    I think it is cute that your daughter wore dress up clothes, shows her character!

  9. We've so done the sneaking the older kid out of the house to prevent the major drama from the little one!!