Monday, December 15, 2008






Another Christmas gift foiled.

By the 5 year old!!!


We just ran into Steve and Barry's after M's dance class to buy s___________ {they read this blog so I cannot write what it is} for two of M's friends in England.

Run in, grab s________, run out.

No big deal, right?


As we walked through the store, M kept trying to get me to look at a coat she likes. She had seen it when we were there a few weeks ago. I was ignoring her, acting as if I could not see what she was pointing to. She said, "Fine!! I'll ask Santa for it." {She is 12--she knows}.

We carried on to towards the checkout. As we passed the coat again, she makes a comment about how great it is. I said, "I sure hope Santa gets it for you."

And then it happens.

Behind me I hear, "But we already got her that coat."

My mouth drops. I hmm and haaa my way through a sentence, trying not to lie. "E, I did not get that coat for M. You are confused."

"Ah hah. Remember the other day? Daddy and I got it for her."

I could not believe the words were coming out of her mouth.

She has never told anyone about a gift before.

I could have hugged her--really tight.

The girls know Christmas is going to be simple this year {We learned, living in a 400 sq. foot dorm room in England, that we do not need all of the 'things' that people think are necessities. Oh yeah, and the whole 'no job' thing too!} So, when there are only going to be a few presents under the tree, you want them to have items in them that they really want. M doesn't ask for much. I was so happy to have found something she would really be excited about under the tree. Well, it will be under the tree--the surprise will be absent.

M just laughed and said, "It doesn't matter, Mom."

Lesson of the night---DO NOT let E know about any gifts.

or... Leave E at home!

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  1. I feel your pain! Last year Timothy didn't comment about any gifts he saw in the house. This year he found his voice, he told Emma all about gifts he saw in the back of my car! I told him not to tell her, that it was a surprise. So he sees her and starts to tell her all about it, lots of details just short of saying what it is. Then says he can't tell her what it is because it is a surprise. He just did! Silly boy. All gifts are in hiding now, only brought out to wrap when he is not here.