Monday, December 15, 2008






Another Christmas gift foiled.

By the 5 year old!!!


We just ran into Steve and Barry's after M's dance class to buy s___________ {they read this blog so I cannot write what it is} for two of M's friends in England.

Run in, grab s________, run out.

No big deal, right?


As we walked through the store, M kept trying to get me to look at a coat she likes. She had seen it when we were there a few weeks ago. I was ignoring her, acting as if I could not see what she was pointing to. She said, "Fine!! I'll ask Santa for it." {She is 12--she knows}.

We carried on to towards the checkout. As we passed the coat again, she makes a comment about how great it is. I said, "I sure hope Santa gets it for you."

And then it happens.

Behind me I hear, "But we already got her that coat."

My mouth drops. I hmm and haaa my way through a sentence, trying not to lie. "E, I did not get that coat for M. You are confused."

"Ah hah. Remember the other day? Daddy and I got it for her."

I could not believe the words were coming out of her mouth.

She has never told anyone about a gift before.

I could have hugged her--really tight.

The girls know Christmas is going to be simple this year {We learned, living in a 400 sq. foot dorm room in England, that we do not need all of the 'things' that people think are necessities. Oh yeah, and the whole 'no job' thing too!} So, when there are only going to be a few presents under the tree, you want them to have items in them that they really want. M doesn't ask for much. I was so happy to have found something she would really be excited about under the tree. Well, it will be under the tree--the surprise will be absent.

M just laughed and said, "It doesn't matter, Mom."

Lesson of the night---DO NOT let E know about any gifts.

or... Leave E at home!