Friday, December 12, 2008

a quiet evening...

How often does this happen?

No one home but ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight is the Christmas party for the Jr. High students at church. Steve drove Michaela to the B's house. Emma went with them to play with the younger sister who is not part of the party. So...I am all alone. WOW!!

I have washed a few loads of laundry {oh, the glamorous life:)}, watched last night's episode of CSI on Netflix, and not much else. BUT...I have done it all with no interruptions. PRICELESS! Next, cleaning the toilets. {I know, I know. You envy me.}

What's been happening with us, you ask.


Michaela is doing great. She got all A's on her report card---even in MATH!!!!!! She keeps busy with homework every night and is finishing up reading the Twilight series. She enjoyed the movie, but she says the books are so much better. Last Monday, we went to the optometrist for an eye exam and she came out with her new contacts. She is loving them!!! The contact fitter was impressed with the ease she was able to get them in and out--15 minutes to get them in and out TWICE. Not bad for the first time. She has had no trouble with them since. Of course, I cannot stand watching her, so I am NO HELP! She is looking forward to Christmas break. She actually wishes for a snow day at least once a week:)

Emma Shea is Emma Shea. She is loving Kindergarten. Of course we had our first, "So and so said she was not my friend. It made me sad." Oh how I dislike this stage in little girls!! She also had an eye exam last Monday. She has 20/20 vision, a slight astigmatism, and acuity better than most adults. She did great with the puffs in her eyes, but wasn't crazy about the dilating drops. She is keeping busy by playing with her toys, driving us nutty, and practicing her reading. As it has been unbelievably cold lately, playing outside has tapered off. She loves doing crafts and is looking forward to starting her big sister' present next week. She is so excited about Christmas--I love the Christmas season at this age!!! And she wants S.N.O.W.!!! Is she crazy?????

Stephen is busy with his to do list; waiting to hear about a job--any job!!! He has had three interviews with one company. They want him but they are on a hiring freeze right now. There was a meeting in Chicago this week to see about how to get around the hiring freeze. We should hear something next week. Anyone out there hiring???? Anywhere. We will re-locate!!!!!

I am doing very little. I help Steve with his to do list. And by help I mean I write it and choose the colors, placement, ... and then critique the finished product. I went today to take my Compass test. As I expected, I have to take 2 refresher Math classes before I can go on to the Pre-Calc required for the course work. {21 years is a long time to go back to try to retrieve useless math.} I will begin classes on February 2nd--probably 12 credit hours. Yeah!! I am excited!! Not much else to report.

Cali, the newest addition to our family, is growing leaps and bounds. She weighed 31 pounds on Tuesday--that was a weight gain of 2 pounds in 5 days!!!! She is 3 months old now--a small horse!!! We are attending puppy classes at Petsmart. She is doing well. I think there is hope!!!

That is our life in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting.

I will post pictures of the girls tomorrow.