Saturday, December 06, 2008

making memories...

Last night we began getting ready for the holiday season.
We decorated the Christmas tree.
We decorated the mantle.
We continued many family traditions.

As each ornament was placed on the tree, one of the girls would ask, "Who is this one from?" "What is this???" "When did we get this one?" With each ornament placed on the tree, I was able to share snippets of Christmases past; my family Christmases, Steve's past Christmases, and our Christmases together. We were able to laugh together over silly memories. I was able to share stories of a Grandfather they never got to know. We made beautiful memories as we made a beautiful tree.

As I sat admiring our 'masterpiece', with the glow of the white lights twinkling in the dark, I began thinking about the memories that covered our tree. While our tree will not make the cover of a magazine. It is not color coordinated. It is not 'designer'. Yet I can not imagine a more beautiful tree.

To some, the ornaments may look old and ratty...

but to me they are treasures; ornaments that hung on the Christmas trees of my father when he was a little boy.

To others, some may look like they have seen better days...

but to me, memories of Ms. Bybee teaching me to knit when I was 9 years old.

A flesh colored angel to some...

to me: the catalyst to be able to tell the girls their daddy was in Girls Scouts when he was younger!

a cheap cling wrapped heart to you...

to me, memories of our first Christmases together when we were short on money poor and we got ornaments free when we filled up at certain petrol stations

Intertwined among the memories of the past are the memories being made today. Michaela's First Christmas ornament hangs beside the ornament Steve and I bought on our honeymoon. Emma Shea's gold noodle garland is next to the mailbox my grandmother made when I was in high school. The past and the present meld together to create new memories. Memories that my girls will be able to share with their children. Nothing is more beautiful than that!!!!

So, while our tree will not be featured in a decorator's magazine, I can not imagine sitting here in the glow of the twinkling lights of any other tree.

***Steve was actually NOT in GS. His mother was the leader for his sister's troop and he had to go along to the meetings and sometimes he did the activities. But, it is so much more fun to tell the girls he was IN GS!!!