Monday, December 08, 2008

"not me" monday...

It's hard to believe it has been a week already since the last "Not Me" Monday.

7 days of funny, embarrassing, unbelievable things we did DID NOT do to write about!!!

Free therapy for those things in life that make you say "Hmmm!"

Stop on over to Mckmama's blog for more fun confessions hypothetical situations that DID NOT happen to us.

In the last 7 days...

It was NOT ME that rearranged the ornaments on the tree after my daughters went to bed. It really doesn't matter if all of the ornaments were clumped together , with empty spots here and there. It is about the experience of creating holiday memories with the girls, not about how the tree looks. So I am sure as I sit here looking at the tree, the ornaments are exactly where they were originally placed--looking beautiful!!

It was NOT ME that used a small amount of snow as an excuse to stay home and not attend a Christmas party. I love trying to find clothes to wear and getting 'fixed' up to go out and socialize. I DID NOT want to stay in my comfy fleece pants and sweatshirt, sit in front of the fire, and veg out with the girls and hubby. A dusting of snow and a little ice wouldn't stop me. Never. Nope NOT ME!!

And it definitely was NOT ME that stayed in those comfy fleece pants and sweatshirts all day only to go to bed in them. That is nasty. I always put on clean pajamas before I go to bed. I would never sleep in the clothes I laid around the house in all day. I was taught better than that.

I know it was NOT ME that had my husband run late to an appointment because I needed him to be around in case big bit needed help with her new contacts. I can handle watching her putting things in her eyeballs--I do NOT need my husband to stick around for something so simple. Anything having to do with the eyeball DOES NOT give me the heebie geebies!!

It is NOT ME that is going to take the math portion of the ACT Compass test this week at CS.

It is NOT ME that is registering for classes in January.

It is NOT ME starting classes for a new career this February--5 days before my 40th birthday.

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! It is NOT ME that is turning 40 in 2 months!!! NO WAY! Can't be me!!! I am still in my 20's!!!!! {Which leads to a lot of explaining since I have a 12 year old:)}

It was NOT ME that had the desire to step on the little boy that was under the pew after church services smacking my legs. I have patience. I realize that some children are just 'more exuberant' than others. They just need to express themselves. They are 'all boy'. It certainly WAS NOT ME that wanted to go to the mother and tell her to get her 5 year old under control. I know that we all have different child rearing philosophies and I am tolerant of those that allow their children to express themselves with disrespect.

It is NOT ME that just built a fire (i.e. asked my husband nicely whined to my husband) and turned on Quantum Leap on NETFLIX. It is 12:06am. It is bedtime. I am going to bed. I AM NOT staying up all night!

Okay, your turn!!

What did you NOT do this week.

Come on...don't leave me out here in 'the land of brutal honesty' all by myself.