Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Christmas Eve ended with Santa ringing the doorbell and leaving Christmas pajamas on the porch for the girls.
The girls put on their pajamas, set out the cookies and milk, and headed to bed. E wanted M to sleep in her room with her so they both headed upstairs to bed. M began talking about waking up to the stockings being in the bedroom. E got a panicked look on her face and pleaded with me to make sure Santa did not come into her room. I assured her I would write him a note and tell him to leave the stockings in the living room. I wasn't sure why she was so apprehensive about the idea of him coming in, but as I left I heard her telling M that she was afraid he would trip on the things on her floor {the cards she had been playing with earlier}.

The morning began at around 9:00am when E came running in saying it was time to go see if Santa had come!!!! And of course he had!
One of M's favorite gift--one of her two Vera Bradley bags
Steve enjoyed sitting on my gift--my 6 dining chairs. Per E's request, they had been 'under the tree' for almost 2 weeks. But I NEVER saw them!!
I hope everyone had a day of joy and love.