Friday, December 26, 2008

your a strange one, mr grinch...

Okay! I am back among the living.

My first head/chest cold in years decided to make an appearance.

I am thankfully able to lift my head off of my pillow!

So, almost a week later...

Saturday morning I loaded up the girls and a suitcase for surprise road trip, to Nashville, Tennessee, to meet up with my dearest friend and her family {the Alabamians--as Michaela used to call them}.

We stayed at the Opry Hotel, went to the mall, and experienced ICE~~~Grinch style.
~~~All of the figures are made from ice.
Let me tell you,

Sunday led to a surprise for me...

We attended a congregation that my friends had visited before.

My friends went on ahead...because I told them I have Nigel (our GPS system). He would lead us!

Except Nigel decided to lock up that morning.

The girls and I were late.

We sat down in the very back. The Lord Supper was beginning. As I look up, I see Woody McGee standing up at the Lord's Supper table!!!

We attended the same congregation in Northern Kentucky. We had not seen each other in 4 years!!!! What a nice surprise.

I have seen NO ONE I know in the area I live in, but I drive 4 hours away and run into 4 people I know!!!!