Friday, May 29, 2009

friday frivolity...

Emma's Field Day was today.She was sooooooo excited about the fun she was going to have~~~she bounced everywhere while we tried to get ready this morning.

The weather was beautiful~~a pleasant change from the incessant rainstorms we have been having.

There were sack races (which I had pictures of but my camera seems to have deleted them~~lesson learned, keep camera battery charged!), softball throws, basketball, bowling, races, hoola hoops.....
The activities were endless.

The kids had a great time!!!
I seriously give up!!!

I just took pics of Emma (I would take some of Michaela, but she is in her room~~and no it was not her decision to go there.)

I came in to upload them....

I did not realize the program had started

Yes Steve, I realize there is a proper way to disconnect external 'thingys' from the computer.

The pictures are gone.

And I had some cute ones!!!

Maybe I should just give up trying to take pictures...
While Emma and I were outside, two ladies walked over to our back yard.

I am always leery of neighbors coming up to me~~after my previous experience, I never know what their intentions are.

One of them started talking.

they just wanted to introduce themselves...

and I would love to tell you there names...

but after the, "We are M's moms. We just wanted to say hi."...

I couldn't tell you what was said!

There's a fun conversation I am going to have with Emma whenever she asks if she can go play at M's house!!!
Is there early retirement for mommies?

If so, I am applying for it!!