Monday, May 11, 2009

a treasure among the trash...

A few minutes ago, as I was straightening up the kitchen, I began going through Emma's mountain of papers from school.

Because for some odd reason, the papers that GO INTO the trash STAY IN the trash when they are thrown away late at night.

As I was admiring all of the papers throwing away newsletters and worksheets, I came across a mother's day card Emma made at school.

Emma Shea was so impresses by it, she never mentioned it to me.

The inside was covered by a 'flower' made with Emma's hand and fingerprints.

There was a poem:
I am like a flower
That's raised with love by you.
You help me grow up big and strong.
Mom, thanks for all you do!
And then there were 8 sentences Emma completed about me.
1. My mother is 18 years old.
Yes, I started my family VERY young.
2. She likes to play with me.
I am glad she thinks that. I feel like I am always telling her, "Wait. In just a minute." and then never getting there.
3. My mother hugs me when I go to bed.
And every chance she lets me steal one from her.
4. She is unhappy with me when I be mean to my sister.
Um, yes I am.
5. If I had $1,000,000 I would buy her a diamond ring.
That would be SOME ring!
6. The thing she does best is kiss me.
What NOT cooking????
7. My mother wants me to be a horse rider when I grow up.
Never once have I said this. Emma tells us she is going to be a rock star horse rider when she grows up.
8. I love my mother because she is the best.
Thank you!!
What a treasure in the midst of all the trash~~~ Oops, I mean school papers.