Saturday, May 23, 2009

the rest of the story day...

Michaela called.

I got about a 30 second conversation out of her before she said they were off to some new adventure.

She is having a great time at the lake.
Emma is home after a great day with her Daddy.

I was able to get a 30 second conversation with her before she asked if she could go next door and play.

She is now doing her two favorite things together~~jumping on the trampoline AND playing in the water.
Steve is home from his day as manager.

I was able to get about a 30 second conversation out of him before he said he was going to bed.

He is now in the basements~~Michaela'a room~~sleeping.

**I do not want to turn the air on yet, so it is slightly warm in the house~~ 80* on the main floor and about 87* upstairs. Mac's room is a cool 70*!!!
Cali went outside to enjoy a drink from the hose.

**a brand new hose that somehow has a hole in it after the guys who delivered our tree used it???

I wish her conversation (i.e. barking) was limited to 30 seconds.

She is now in her cage because she is WET!
I managed to write a grocery list for the next two weeks meals..

Steve informed me the list does no good unless I actually go to the grocery store and buy the food!!


I put the sprinkler on some new bushes we planted.

WOW!! What productivity:(