Monday, September 14, 2009

um, never saw THAT at BSU....

Today, as I had a three hour gap to fill, I sat in one of the walkways people watching. I love to watch people interact with one another; to see how they respond to those around them. Wow! What a colorful, diverse community I observed today.

Having gone back to school at the age of 40, I knew that the experience would be completely different than the years I attended Ball State University~~~ when I was, ahem, much younger. The differences were inevitable. Life experiences, family responsibilities, demands on my time have changed who I am in the last 20+ years of my life. I bring a knowledge to my new college experience that I could not have had when I was 18.

While life and maturity has certainly created a different outlook and experience in this new college endeavor, so has attending a community college as opposed to a large university. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Technical and Community colleges~~ I am obviously attending one now and have been completely satisfied with the coursework so far. But the campus of a technical college in the city of Cincinnati certainly has a dynamic that Ball State University did not!

As I watched the college community unfold before me today, I saw things I would have NEVER seen at BSU....

  • Babies and children everywhere.
I know most of my instructors do not allow children in the classrooms, so I am not sure where these children go. I can truthfully say that RARELY did I see young babies and children swarming the halls at BSU!

  • Pregnant girls in every class. Pregnant women in the hallways. Bulging bellies galore!

  • Crazy, AWFUL outfits.
I know we dressed oddly at BSU~~sweatshirts with shorts in the dead of winter. Lounging pants that we had on as we rolled out of bed. Sloppy, grubby clothes. I can definitely say that not once did I encounter anyone wearing SHORT, SHORT cutoff jean shorts and stiletto heels to classes!


There was so many colorful individuals to watch today. Some made me smile. Some made me cringe. Some just plain scared me.

The one thing I observed that caught me completely off guard...
  • the ankle monitor of the young man holding the door open for me.

Yeah, wasn't expecting to see that!!!