Friday, April 03, 2009

friday frivolity...

I am FINISHED with my classes!!

I took my Math final last night

I made a 98.5%~~~Thank you very much!!

I just called in my last set of words for Medical Terminology.

So I finished up this term with all A's!!

Next term is going to be fun!!

I am having to take some classes over~~because Math and Science classes expire after 7 years.

Biology~~dissecting a fetal pig ---YUCK!


and my second of three math classes.

Michaela had her first 'NOT EMMA' babysitting job last Sunday.

She watched 2 little boys from noon until 6:00pm.

I was a nervous wreck!

But of course, she did a great job.
One of the ladies at church ordered Jonas Brother concert tickets for 10 of the girls

One of the tickets was for Michaela---a surprise for her birthday in August.

She was miserable knowing that all her friends from church were going and she wasn't.

It was killing her friends trying to keep the secret~~and we still 4 months to go.

So when she got her babysitting money on Wednesday...

She ran back in and asked Rebecca if they had already ordered tickets.

Rebecca told her yes and they could not order any more.

Michaela came back to the van deflated.

I could not take it...

I told her to go in and talk to Ms. Gina.

I followed her in and told Gina to just tell her yes.

Michaela asked her if there were any extra tickets...

Gina told her 'No'.

Michaela slumped in disappointment.

We all started laughing...

I told her I had ask Gina to order her a ticket for her birthday...

The smile on her face was priceless!

She handed over her money with no hesitation!

I saved myself the $40.00,

but now I have to hear about this concert for the next 4 months!!
Spring Break is next week for the girls and I.

No plans.

Sleep late!

Clean the house!

Go through toys for donation.

Hopefully have nice weather and be able to be outside.