Thursday, April 23, 2009

sibling rivalry to the extreme...

Having our daughters 7 years apart was never Steve and my plan.

But we are not always in control!

The age difference has brought about some situations that I would never have to deal with if they did not have the large age difference.

The age difference has been a blessing in some ways~~and I couldn't imagine having had them closer together.

I know I will never have the arguments about wearing each other's clothes....

liking the same boy will not be an issue...

even disputes over who will get to drive the car will never be a problem...

I was feeling pretty confident that I would be avoiding the normal bickering, arguing, and sibling rivalry...

But of course I have Emma Shea...

and nothing is ever predictable!!

Yet NEVER in my wildest dreams did I expect to confront sibling rivalry over THEIR BIRTHS!!!!

Yesterday, as Emma and I were driving to dance class, I hear her make her 'grmmph' sound~~I knew before I even looked in the mirror that she was aggravated about something...

I couldn't imagine what the aggravator could be since it was just she and I in the van and nothing had happened in the last 10 minutes!!

But with Emma Shea you never know!!!

I brace myself for the impending drama that is about to unfurl...

and I look into the mirror!

Her face is squished up, her arms are crossed, and she is AGGRAVATED!!

Me:"Emma Shea, what is wrong?"

E: "Why did Michaela have to be the good baby and come out through your privates. Why did she turn upside down? Why did I not want to be upside down and be sideways?"

Me: thinking: WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me~~she is mad because of her birth? And where in the world did this train of thought come from?
"Well, Emma, some babies just don't like to be upside down."

E: :"Was she born first too?"

Me: "Yes hon, that is why she is older."

E: "hmmmph."

Okay, that is taking this rivalry thing to a new level.

Lord, please give me strength to survive the next 13 years with her!