Saturday, April 25, 2009

what do you do when it is 88* in April....


You dig your bathing suit out of the summer clothes...

because it's APRIL and still SPRINGTIME and your summer clothes are not out yet!!!!

(we just planted the knockout roses you see in the background.
Soon they will be big and cover up those ugly utility 'thingys')

You hook up the sprinkler in your frontyard...

because it's APRIL and SPRINGTIME and the pools are NOT OPENED yet!

And you run through it....

for about 2 minutes!!!

because it's APRIL your friends are inside eating and your sister is at a friend's house for the weekend~~and you do not play well by yourself!!!

And then,

you hook up the sprinkler to water the shrubs you just planted told your husband where to plant and then stood and watched him.

and watch the dog go CRAZY in the water!!!!

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