Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wordless wednesday AND wordful wednesday...

wordless wednesday

as soon as I figure out the scanner

This is my oldest daughter~~Michaela

I personally think she is beautiful...

but I am her mom and I am somewhat biased!

We have never stressed an importance in outward beauty...

we talk about being beautiful in heart and soul.

We just do not spend a lot of time thinking about how she looks.

unless, you know, she has food stuck in her teeth or is having an extremely bad hair day:):))

So, while we were at the mall the other day...

I was slightly taken back when several guys were 'checking her out'!

and of course, she is oblivious to it!


she is only 12!!!!!

Keep your eyes to yourselves!

Oh my, I am really NOT ready for this.

I will be keeping her locked up from now on:)


  1. Well, just because you're her mom doesn't mean others don't think the same thing, because your daughter IS beautiful. I love how some girls just don't even KNOW it...I pray my little girl is the same way because of the fact that we don't focus on the outward beauty, either...unless of course it's funny :-)

  2. I wouldn't blame you! she is beautiful. You had better watch out for those boys! Beautiful photo too!